EFN Champions League King’s Cup 2015 Results

EFN Champions League King’s Cup 2015

The EFN Champions League King’s Cup 2015 took place this past weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. The event like many that went on this past weekend were in celebration of the King of Thailand’s birthday.

The event featured a 4-man tournament sanctioned by the WMC. In the fist semi-final bout Sean Kearney and Changpuek Kiatsongrit when toe-to-toe and showed neither wanted to conceded defeat to the other. The back and forth action between the two had the fans on their feet as they utilized everything in their arsenal. When the fight was over Chanpuek was declared the winner by decision.

The second semi-final bout featured Gabriel Mazzetti vs. Bow Suweilek. Mazzetti, who is from Peru was able to edge out Suweilek and make it to the final.

In the final Changpuek won the prestigious tournament by out striking Mazzetti over three rounds. It was a worthy effort by Mazzetti, but Changpuek’s experience proved to be too much.

EFN Champions League King’s Cup 2015 Results:

Tournament Semi-Finals:
Changpuek Kiatsongrit def. Sean Kearney via Decision
Gabriel Mazzetti def. Bow Suweilek via Decision

Tournament Final:
Changpuek Kiatsongrit def. Gabriel Mazzetti via Decision


  1. I am watching on the video EFN 2015 Grand Opening (Road to King’s Cup) that happened in the Asiatique Arena, when the final was Changpuek vs Jose Neto, but I’m unable to confirm the name of one of the commentators. One is called Mike Angove. Do you guys know who the other is? Can’t find anything on the internet.

    I appreciate any information.


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