Death In The Ring

Death in the Ring

On March 28, 2014 Dennis Munson Jr. stepped in to the ring at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to make his amateur Kickboxing debut.

He never returned home, he tragically passed away hours after the bout. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death to be complications from head trauma.

Kickboxing is a growing sport, especially in America. People head to Kickboxing gyms with the goal of fighting day in and day out, but not many actually make it to compete. It is grueling, hard, and takes dedication like any other combat sport. Munson’s debut should have been something to celebrate because he did something many never do, he stepped in the ring to fight.

Unfortunately for Munson the people in charge of his safety failed him. The ringside doctor, the referee and even Munson’s own corner failed to do their job. The cost of this failure was Munson’s life.

The entire fight was caught on video and had to be submitted to police for investigation.

(Click next to watch the footage of Dennis Munson Jr’s fight. It includes audio that points out the clear lapse in judgement by the people that should have been looking out for his safety.)

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