WATCH: Cris Cyborg Gets Wrecked In Muay Thai Fight

Cris “Cyborg” Justino is one bad woman, there is no denying that. She is currently on a seven fight win streak and is 2-0 since joining the UFC. Both of her victories in the UFC have been savage (T)KO wins, the woman just looks unstoppable.

Many fight fans also think she is the baddest striker on the planet, but unknown to many is that only two years ago she stepped into the Muay Thai ring with an even more lethal striker, Jorina Baars. Well let’s just say Cris Cybrog had her hands full that night as Baars completely dominated her.

Baddest woman in MMA? Most likely. Best female striker? No Way.

Check out the video below to watch the full fight from Lion Fight 14, and witness a one sided beat down.


  1. Let’s not mention that Cyborg had 2 Muay Thai fights before this that she won via KO & TKO. Jorina Baars may have been 36-0 in Muay Thai at the time of this fight but her MMA record was 1-3. The sword cuts both ways.


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