Craziest Fighter in MMA Fakes Heart Attack Then Taps Out After Nearly Winning

    Johnathan Ivey is widely regarded as the craziest MMA fighter around

    You have to be pretty crazy to get called the craziest fighter in MMA. Johnathan Ivey, without doubt, is the craziest fighter in MMA…

    Having scored a ‘people’s elbow’ in a real MMA fight, it’s fair to say Johnathan Ivey isn’t averse to taking some risks in the ring/cage. During his wild fighting career, Ivey has amassed a record of 42-56.

    Of those 42 wins, Ivey has only been to the scorecards once. Incredibly, Ivey has scored 26 submissions, albeit on the regional circuit. But his finishing rate isn’t the only reason people talk about ‘Big John.’

    Ivey has a habit of making his fights seriously entertaining. He once pulled off a mid-air double-iminari roll against Ken Shamrock. The only problem was Ken was standing about five feet away.

    Last night, Ivey made his return to fighting after nearly 18 months away.

    Johnathan Ivey took things up a level in his latest fight

    Johnathan Ivey Fought Travis Fulton Last Night

    Facing MMA super-veteran Travis Fulton (253-54) last night, Ivey brought his usual antics to the cage. After being hit with a hard kick to the body, Ivey faked an injury for a moment before lashing out with a flurry of punches.

    Fulton was dropped and hurt so Ivey swarmed in for the kill. The referee allowed the fight to go on, then Ivey simply tapped out.

    Watch the weird fight below:


    Eerily similar to the viral video where a fighter taps out to avoid damaging his opponent further. Only this time, Fulton appeared to have recovered. After scouring the web a little, it would seem that’s exactly what happened here.

    Fulton is most definitely a legend on the local circuit, so it’s no surprise Ivey didn’t want to finish him. Then again, this is MMA, and surely Ivey had to expect he would need to punchj Fulton if they fought?

    Weird, weird, weird.

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