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Craziest Cauliflower Ear Explosion In A Fight

Cauliflower ear explosion

Cauliflower ear has become a normal part of combat sports.

When you see a MMA fighter, Boxer, or Wrestler walking around with cauliflower ear you don’t think much about it.

Cauliflower ear occurs when the ear develops a blood clot or fluid build up under a layer of tissue in the ear. It is usually caused by blunt trauma.

MMA fighters and wrestler are the most notorious when it comes to cauliflower ear. For someone that isn’t familiar with it you will immediately think they were born with some kind of deformation. If the blood is not drained immediately then the deformation will be permanent.

A lot of fighters chose not to drain it. Randy Couture, BJ Penn, and Matt Lindland are all fighters that had some pretty crazy looking cauliflower ear, but they never had it explode in the middle of a fight.

Cauliflower exploding in the middle of a fight isn’t anything new, but when Leslie Smith stepped into the Octagon in 2014 she easily had the craziest looking ear explosion.

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