David Huerta

Knockout of the Week: David Huerta vs. Israel Rangel

It's time to start your week of with an awesome knockout. This week the Knockout of the Week comes from David Huerta. In his bout...
Woman Fights off robber with flying knee

Woman Fights Off Robber With Flying Knee

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Unfortunately we live in a world where there are people that feel the need to commit...

Buakaw vs. Shishido

Check out this magnificent KO by Muay Thai and Kickboxing legend Buakaw. This is definitely one of this most brutal knockouts.
Thugs forced to fight Muay Thai

Thugs Forced To Fight Muay Thai Fighters As Punishment

In 2014 a politician in Buriram City, Thailand was fed up with the destruction that occurred during Thai New Year (Songkran) that he decided...
Blessed with Venom

Blessed With Venom

Blessed with Venom is a documentary about John Wayne Parr, a legend in Muay Thai. He is one of the most recognized and respected foreigners to ever compete in Thailand.
Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven

KO Of The Week: Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven

All fighters go through learning stages early in their career before they truly come into their own. Rico Verhoeven is widely considered the King of...
Death in the Ring

Death In The Ring

On March 28, 2014 Dennis Munson Jr. stepped in to the ring at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to make his amateur Kickboxing...
Fighters Risk Everything For Our Entertainment

Fighters Risk Everything For Our Entertainment

It doesn't matter what combat sport is your preference, there is one thing that remains the same in all of them. The risk a fighter...
Saenchai And Riddick Bowe Sparring

Saenchai And Riddick Bowe Sparring

Riddick Bowe is a former heavyweight Boxing champion that decided to try his hand at Muay Thai. For those that watched his debut, you are...
Referee gets knocked out by spinning back fist

Referee Gets Knocked Out By Spinning Back Fist

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Being a referee is a difficult job. Not only do your in ring decision affect the...

Watch Kickboxer Shemsi Beqiri In A Bare Kunckle Fight After His Gym Gets Raided...

If you own a Muay Thai or Kickboxing gym you wouldn't expect anyone to come in looking for a fight. For former Glory Kickboxing fighter...
Kids KO in Muay Thai

Kids KO in Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a sport filled with tradition and honor. Fighters start their careers at a very young age, but this at times is...
Muay Thai and Family Cousins Fight

Muay Thai and Family: Cousins Fight

In combat sports you often hear about training partners not wanting to fight each other. It is really common in MMA. Well in Muay Thai...

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