How To Use Feints And Setups in Muay Thai

Hitting the pads or the bag, and landing shots on an opponent in Muay Thai are two very different things. When you first start sparring, it...
5 Unspoken Rules Of Sparring You Need To Know

5 Unspoken Rules Of Sparring You Need To Know

Sparring is an important part of training for fighters and non fighters. It let's you put what you have trained to the test against another...

The 5 Secrets to Developing a Knockout Punch

Knockouts are what everyone loves to see in fights. For fighters there is no win more decisive. So how does one develop knockout power? Some...

A Guide To Muay Thai Low Kicks

This article originally appeared on Evolve Vacation. Muay Thai’s unique, refined, and complete use of the eight limbs in unarmed combat has brought the ancient art...

Resolve In Fighting

For an introduction I'd like to get into the mental aspect of fighting and in particular the resolve you carry as a fighter. You've probably...

Things To Look For In A Martial Arts Instructor

Finding a good martial arts instructor is no easy task. Like with any big decision, research much be done. There are too many people pretending...
3 No Fail Tips For Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Results

3 No Fail Tips For Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Results

3 No Fail Tips For Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Results: Chris Romulo talks about the essentials of training for Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Drills You Need To Be Doing

There are various drills you can do to improve your Muay Thai skill set. Our friends over at Evolve MMA put together a nice...

5 Science Based Learning Hacks To Get Better At Martial Arts

This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. As martial artists on the path to continuous self-improvement, there’s nothing we’d like better than to find ways to help...
Stop Running

Stop Running To Get In To Fight Shape!

Stop running and start doing road work when it comes to getting into fight shape. Follow these tips by Muay Thai champion Chris Romulo.

Deadly Sins Of Martial Arts

Martial arts are great as whole, doesn't matter which is your preference. Many times, however, we stumble to fully achieve our potential in martial arts....

5 Submissions From Mount That Should Be In Your Arsenal

This article originally appeared on In combat sports and grappling martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), the mount is considered one of the most dominant positions....
Ring Generalship

How to Control the Ring

Ring generalship is the ability to move and use the entire ring in such a way to corral and land significant strikes to dominate your opposition.

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