Watch Chuck Liddell Kick A U.S. Soldier With A Spinning Back Kick

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell recently visited Fort Campbell in Kentucky as part of a promotional tour for the UFC. Known as the...

How To Stay Calm Before A Fight

This article originally appeared on Evolve Vacation. Any fighter, regardless of how many championship belts he/she has won can attest to the nerves he/she feels...
Luis Felipe Alvim

Man Goes To MMA Event Selling Brownies, Ends Up Fighting In Main Event

Who would have thought that deciding to sell brownies at an MMA event would lead to a story that seemed to be right out...

We Have A New KO Of The Year Candidate

Muay Thai and MMA fighter Gaston Bolaños has thrown his name into the running for KO of the year. This is something that shouldn't surprise...

MMA Superstars Who Are Also Olympians

In combat sports there was a time that even if you were good enough to represent your country in the Olympics, prospects after the...
Conor McGregor Boxing Mitt Work

Conor McGregor Boxing Mitt Work

If the Boxing match between UFC superstar Conor McGregor and Boxing great Floyd Mayweather will ever happen is anyone's guess. One week it is supposed...

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