worst boxing debut

The Worst Boxing Debut in History

This has to easily be the worst boxing debut in history. Just because you can beat up bums on the street it doesn't mean you can step in the ring.

5 Boxers That Committed Horrible Murders

Athletes of all sports have always had run ins with the law. Most are minor infractions, but some are very serious. In Boxing things are...
Dana White Blasts Jeff Mayweather and Bob Arum

Dana White Blasts Jeff Maywether And Bob Arum

Dana White was in full attack mode after UFC 210 this past weekend. At the post fight press conference he addressed rumors regarding the split...

Raw Footage Of Gunmen Opening Fire At Boxing Weigh-In

The last thing anyone thinks of when attending a weigh-in for a fight event is that they will be running for their life. That is...

HIV Positive Boxer Allowed To Fight

An HIV positive Boxer has been allowed to fight in the state of Arkansas. ESPN's Dan Rafael has reported that the Arkansas State Athletic Commission...

The World’s Scariest Boxing Gym Owner

When you think of a gym owner for any combat sport, you normally assume they are tough. What you don't think about is how...

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