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The History and Origins Of Muay Thai

  This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. Where did Muay Thai come from? Of course, the obvious answer being simply “Thailand” still doesn’t answer why, and how it was formed. Historically, what many regard as the most devastating of the striking arts has its roots embedded in the country’s formative years, …

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Top 6 Muay Thai Knockouts

There’s plenty to love about Muay Thai, such as its technical beauty, honorable sportsmanship, and the sheer athleticism and discipline required to compete in it. Of course what first attracts many to the art of eight limbs are its devastating knockouts the sport has become famous for. Here are six …

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Yodsanklai’s Greatest Fights

Yodsanklai Fairtex is a legend in Muay Thai, but unfortunately for fans he recently decided to hang up his gloves. Despite fans being left wanting to see the massive super fight with Buakaw, Yodsanklai never disappointed. He was one of the most entertaining fighters to watch. Evolve MMA put together …

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