Security Guard Uses Nunchucks To Fight Off Man With Knife

When you think of security guards the last thing you picture is a nunchuck-wielding master...Not all security guards are like movie characters Paul Blart...
Karate Chopping Brick in Slow Motion

Karate Chopping Brick in Slow Motion

Very cool video of this guy Karate Chopping A Brick in Slow Motion. The way the hand shifts and moves is just mind blowing to watch.
Little Kid Goes Beast Mode

Little Kid Goes Beast Mode in School Yard Fight

Most people in street fights have no skills whatsoever, but this little kid has some serious skill and goes beast mode in this school yard fight.
Tekken Moves in Real Lifevideo

Watch: Tekken Moves in Real Life

Check out stuntman Eric Jacobus as he performs moves from the video game Tekken in real life. The moves are spot on perfect.

Baby Trains Like Rocky Balboa

In this great video a 2-year old baby trains like Rocky Balboa while watching the movie. This little guy is nothing short of awesome.
Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X

Throwback: Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X

Remember when wrestling in the late 90's was great. Remember when Mike Tyson joins D-Generation X and everyone went crazy!

WATCH: Two Gyms Brawl To See Who’s Better

Remember how in 80's movies like The Karate Kid and The Last Dragon your gyms reputation was everything? Challenges were laid out in gyms...

WATCH: Robber Gets Head Kicked And Goes Into Seizure

If you plan on committing a crime you need to make sure that no one around can stop you. In this case a man...
Size Doesn't Matter

Size Doesn’t Matter, Don’t Be A Bully

Size doesn't matter and in this video this bully learns that lesson the hard way.

Chuck Norris Reveals Real Cause of Bruce Lee’s Death

Chuck Norris clarifies the truth about Bruce Lee's death...Two of the most well known martial artists and actors were friends in everyday life. The...

WATCH: Pro Boxer Fights Guards In Prison

If you were in prison there would be some people you would definitely want to stay away from. Murderers, rapists, pretty much anyone who...
Bully Punches Blind Kid

Bully Punches Blind Kid and Receives Instant Karma

Bully punches blind kid and karma immediately kicks in when a good Samaritan steps into defend the blind kid and give this bully what he deserves.

Video: UFC Champion Fights Real Life Ninja in MMA

MMA is as mainstream as it gets now. It is hard to run into anyone who doesn't know about the sport and that some...

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