Right Team

Do You Have The Right Team Pushing You To Victory?

Even though Muay Thai fighting is one of the most solo endeavors that an individual can go through, it takes a team to get...

4 Illnesses That Martial Arts Can Help Cure

This article originally appeared on Evolve MMA. Practicing martial arts is undeniably beneficial to one’s health, as exemplified by its many long-living and physically fit exponents. Founders...

The Exercises Everyone Needs To Be Doing

This article originally appeared on Evolve-MMA. If you find yourself traveling and miles away from the nearest martial arts gym, fear not – there’s always the option...

Inside the Mind of a Retired Nak Muay

As I sat ringside this past Friday at Friday Night Fights in NYC watching some great amateur/professional Muay Thai scraps I found myself tripping down memory lane.
Warrior Mindset

8 Ways To Develop A Warrior Mindset

In this week's CROM's Corner, Chris Romulo gives eight tips to develop a warrior mindset. Fighting is both physical and mental.

5 Post-Workout Mistakes That Cause You To Gain Weight

When it comes to getting and staying in shape, people often think this mainly comes from working out. Unfortunately this is not the case and...

SHREDbyCROM™: 10 Week Battle Ready Nutrition Program Blog 2

Week 2 of the SHREDbyCROM™: 10 Week Battle Ready Nutrition Program started off great. I carried the momentum and motivation of week 1 over and was doing great. I was making some good tasting healthy meals and working out each day. I also started doing some kettlebell workouts.

CROM’s Corner: Finding Your “CORE 8”

The history of the kettlebell dates back to the 1700’s, primarily used by Russian farmers to weigh crops. Those same farmers eventually evolved in to using them to show off their strength at local festivals. Today, kettlebells are the ultimate tool for any combat/martial athlete, if used efficiently.
Buakaw Gym

3 Things Muay Thai Athletes Should Do Every Day To Reduce Stress

For the fighter, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to maximizing your training efforts such as diet and supplements. If I had...

SHREDbyCROM™: 10 Week Battle Ready Nutrition Program Blog 1

This is my first blog entry for what I expect to be a great lifestyle change for myself. For those not familiar with me, my name is Nathan and I run MuayThaiAuthority.com.
6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork

6 Steps to Great Footwork from Chris Romulo. Footwork can make all the difference in a fight, use these 6 steps to develop your footwork.

Sharpen These 2 Punches For An Unstoppable Muay Thai Arsenal

The jab and cross are the two key punches you need in your arsenal. Chris Romulo breaks down how to use this two tool correctly.

CROM’S CORNER: Update Your Training Software

If you are still doing bicep curls, leg extensions, and triceps push downs you are still playing Atari in an X Box world.

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