Catalin Morosanu vs. Maurice Jackson

Catalin Morosanu vs. Maurice Jackson served as the main event for SuperKombat Special Edition and it was full of controversy.

The controversy surrounded around the performance of Jackson, who has been heavily criticized for his actions. Going into the fight claiming a record of 31-1, words like fraud were some of the nicest terms used to describe Jackson after this fight.  Calling a professional fighter a fraud is a pretty big deal, but it is hard to make a case for Jackson in this situation.

The whole scene unfolded like something out of pro wrestling. Morosanu was mad because it seemed Jackson did not want to fight after throwing one punch, the promoter was upset at Jackson for his performance, and the crowed let the boos rain down. In the end Jackson was disqualified and banned from SuperKombat for life. Even the referee seemed to get tired of the so called antics of Jackson.

Unless you are Jackson you don’t really know what is happening, and you are relying only on what you see. Was he really hurt?

(Check out the video on the next page and let us know your thoughts on the fight and Jackson)

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  1. I’ve seen 5’th graders take punch after punch without flinching. I’m serious, I’m a teacher, I’ve seen it happen. Jackson acted like a little girl. There is no place for him in martial arts matches.

  2. This has f*** all to do with ‘martial arts and/or Muay Thai’, these people are fat and untrained, it’s a freak show…..embarrassing, no skill, no speed, the little power they obviously have, they should channel into weight-lifting….

  3. What a sissy. Why even show up if all you’re going to do is act like that. I’ve been retired since 2010 and half his size and would stomp his sorry ass. What a disgrace. No heart at all


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