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Buakaw’s Controversial Loss By Forfeit

Buakaw's Controversial Loss By Forfeit
Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant

In 2014 Buakaw was looking to win his third K-1 World Max tournament.

He made it to the finals against Germany’s Enriko Kehl. The fight between these two was action packed to say the least. Many expected Buakaw to win the tournament with ease, he was riding a 32 fight win streak coming into the final.

Kehl, however, wasn’t going to lie down for Buakaw. He came out looking to fight as he used his hands in effective combinations against Buakaw. The fight was close with both fighters having their moments. Buakaw was able to throw Kehl to the canvas on several occasions. The final round saw some of the best action as both fighters seemed to throw caution to the wind as each looked to gain the upper hand.

The fight ended up going to judges scorecards and it was ruled a draw which meant there was going to be a fourth round to decide the winner. There was one problem though, Buakaw had left the ring and Kehl was the only one ready to go. They gave Buakaw some time to come back to the ring, but he didn’t which was considered a forfeit. This made Kehl the new K-1 World Max tournament champion.

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