Buakaw will be back in action at Kunlun Fight 39

Buakaw will be back in action at Kunlun Fight 39

Buakaw will be back in action at Kunlun Fight 39 on March 20, 2016 in Dongguan, China.

Fans have been excited with the announcement that Buakaw will be making his MMA debut at the end of the year. It was unknown if he would take any Muay Thai or Kickboxing fights until then, but now we know he plans on staying active.

Buakaw will be fighting China’s Kong Lingfeng at Kunlun Fight 39. Buakaw has won his last two fights, both have been under the Kunlun Fight promotion. Since 2010 Buakaw has only lost twice in 41 fights. He is more popular than he ever was and Kunlun Fight seems to be making their promotion his permanent home for the time being.

Lingfeng was last in action at Kunlun Fight 35 where he lost by decision to Victor Nagbe in the middleweight tournament quarterfinals. A win over Buakaw would be huge for Lingfeng, and it would make him an icon in his home country of China.

Much of Buakaw’s press as of late has had a lot to do with his jump to MMA. Photos of Buakaw training MMA have surfaced, and several debates on how he will do have taken place on the internet. It’s good to see that Buakaw will not be simply training MMA until his debut in late 2016, and fans can still see him in Kickboxing action.

Kunlun Fight 39 is also expected to feature the continuation of the promotions 70kg championship tournament.

Kunlun Fight 39 Fight Card:
Buakaw Banchamek vs. Kong Lingfeng


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