Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai In The Works For Kunlun Fight In 2017

Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai

Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai is to Muay Thai what Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao was to Boxing.

Fans have long craved for this fight to take place and now there is a glimmer of hope for them from China.

Yodsanklai competed at MAS Fight 1 this weekend against Masoud Minaei in China. The MAS Fight promotion had special rules that included one nine minute round, you must win by KO, standing arm lock and choke techniques are legal, and 6 oz open finger MMA style gloves were used. Yodsanklai won in dominant fashion as he let his hands go and scored three knock downs on Minaei.

Buakaw was in attendance for a demo. After the fight he entered the ring with Yodsanklai and hope was given to fans around the world. Stepping up to put on this amazing fight is supposed to be Kunlun Fight. Several sources have confirmed that the promotions director Tony Chen stated that they will be looking to make Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai happen this year with the winner taking home $1,000,000.

China has become a hot bed for Kickboxing with promotions like Kunlun Fight, Glory of Heroes and WLF all having major TV deals in China. Body Clark of Phuket Top Team wrote an article last year for Muay Thai Authority about the rise of Kickboxing in China. He stated that Kunlun Fight was poised to become the biggest Kickboxing promotion in the world, and it seems to be coming true.

Kunlun Fight constantly brings in top talent, and the pay is great. With a move like making Buakaw vs. Yodsanklai happen, they would easily be able to lay claim to being the biggest Kickboxing promotion in the world.

There is still a lot to be figured out, but it seems that talks are in the works. Things like the rule set being Muay Thai or Kickboxing would still need to be figured out, but hopefully we get to see Muay Thai. Kunlun Fight despite being primarily Kickboxing has allowed Muay Thai rules in bouts before.

Muay Thai fans keep your fingers crossed that this happens. The bout has been rumored several times. The bout was closest to happening around 2007 or 2008. Money talks between the camps and promoters got very serious, but ultimately fell through. Ten years later it looks like it is time for this fight to finally happen.


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