Buakaw vs. Giorgio Petrsoyan

When these two met for the first time, Buakaw was already a two time K-1 Max tournament champion.

It wouldn’t be until a few years later that Petrosyan would win back to back K-1 Max tournaments. To many Petrosyan was good, but they had no idea they were watching greatness.

Now a days Buakaw spends his time in the ring beating up on solid fighters, but he doesn’t really fight the best of the best anymore. He doesn’t really need to either, the man is a draw and promoters don’t need to bring in the best talent around to have people interested

Petrosyan continues to face the best of the best. He is currently fighting for Bellator Kickboxing and has continuously stepped in the ring with the best Kickboxers of today.

A re-match was rumored a few years ago, it was supposed to take place on National Muay Thai Day but in the end never materialized. At this point it doesn’t seem likely that these two will ever fight again, but at least we got to see them fight at some point in their careers.

Check out the fight between Buakaw and Giorgio Petrosyan which was for a WMC championship and let us know your thoughts.

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