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Buakaw Is Quite The Jokester

Buakaw is quite the jokester

In case you missed it, Buakaw recently filmed an action movie called “The Legend of the Broken Sword Hero”.

Buakaw is the lead in the movie and if you haven’t seen the trailer you can watch it here. It looks amazing if you like martial arts movies, it is hist first time in the lead role. He previously had a supporting role in the movie Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya along with several other Thai fighters.

Apparently Buakaw is not just a killer in the ring, he is also a jokester on the set. In this video we get to see Buakaw behind the scenes during the filming of his movie and the man has quite the sense of humor. It is great to see a guy who has become a superstar like Buakaw still know how to have a good time.

All of the behind the scenes footage is in Thai, but it is very easy to understand what is going on. Check it out below.

Buakaw behind the scenes

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