Buakaw’s MMA debut set for end of the year

Buakaw MMA debut

Some of the biggest buzz this year has come from the news that Buakaw Banchamek will make his MMA debut. The news came in January after his win at Kunlun Fight 36. His opponent will be Yi Long and the fight will take place for Kunlun Fight promotions.

We now have a better time frame as to when the fight will take place. Kunlun Fight has informed us that Buakaw’s MMA debut will take place at the end of the year, although a specific date was not given. The promotion is currently in Thailand for their next event, Kunlun Fight 38. It will be held in Pattaya, Thailand and is being co-promoted with Super Muaythai, a promotion that is run by Buakaw’s Banchamek Gym. Buakaw will be at the event for a demo.

Since the announcement of his MMA debut training footage has started to surface online. When speaking to Ali Elezzabi who has been training with Buakaw, about Buakaw’s Jiu Jitsu skills he stated “He is doing ok, he has the will to learn something new.”

It will be interesting to see how much time is dedicated to him fighting Kickboxing or Muay Thai this year since it seems that he is dedicating a good amount of time into preparing for his MMA debut.


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