BREAKING: Nate Diaz Involved in Another Street Fight

Somebody messed with the wrong guy, Nate Diaz is the underground king of street fighting MMA stars right now…

It looks like UFC lightweight/welterweight Nate Diaz has been at it again. This time the popular MMA fighter had a fight with a crowd member during a grappling tourney…

UFC lightweight and sometimes welterweight Nate Diaz is not exactly known for his wholesome character. The bad boy from Stockton, CA, has earned a reputation as a forward-moving zombie with his level boxing and elite grappling inside the octagon.

Adding to that, Nate and his older brother Nick Diaz have been involved in seemingly countless street fights with their rivals. Hearing of their lives growing up in Stockton, it’s no surprise these two still get mixed up in a few burners outside the octagon.

Perhaps the most infamous of their brawls was the Strikeforce Nashville melee, which saw the Diaz duo, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez attack Jason Miller live on camera.

Nate Diaz’s reputation as the bad boy of MMA grew a little more tonight…

Nate Diaz Fights Crowd Member at Grappling Tourney

During the Fight to Win Pro 77 grappling tournament in Sacramento tonight, Diaz got in yet another dust up. Not surprisingly, it was the younger Diaz bro who handed out the punishment.

F2W CEO Seth Daniel released the following statement about Diaz’s latest street fight from his Facebook page:

“so Nate Diaz just whooped a dudes *** in the crowd at f2wpro77…lesson if you are going to talk **** to Nate Diaz he will beat the **** out of you.”

While reporting the results for the event, Daniels even included Diaz in a humorous fashion:

Black Belt Results
Nate Diaz defeats Shit Talking fan in the crowd via punches

all article images were sourced from Nate Diaz’s Instagram account; @NateDiaz209

After Thoughts and Full F2w Pro 77 Results

Clearly, the biggest lesson learned is that Nate Diaz will whoop ass regardless of when or where. But, let’s hope there are no charges pressed in this particular situation.

Travis Magalit defeats Marcos Torregrosa Split Decision
Romulo Melo defeats Cassio Werneck Split Decision
Enrico Cocco defeats Dustin Akbari Split Decision
Derek DiManno defeats Marcus Boness Decision FOTN
Andrew Fonseca Defeats Kolo Vida Heel Hook
Manny Moreno defeats Sean Gonsolin Bow and Arrow Choke
Gustavo Enriquez defats Joseph Thompson Cross Choke
Shawn Cox defeats James Cotter Split Decision
Nicholas Greene defeats Miguel Augusto Armbar SOTN
Garrett Aldrich defeats Dom Hoskins decision
David Anderson defeats Louie Moreno Darce

Brown Belt Results
Vannessa Griffin defeats Lyzz Mitrovic Decision FOTN
Brett Bryon defeats Chuy Moreno armbar
Jerry DiMaggio defeats Josef De La Vega Head & Arm Choke
Courtney Dubois defeats Rebecca Bazemore RNC
Antione Green-gibson defeats Gerald Rivera Heel Hook SOTN
Mikey Singh Hothi defats Jacob Pangelinan decision
Alef Brito defeats Pedro Silva Decision

Rachel Sedillos defeats Dyanna Gutierrez decision FOTN
Aaron Torrecer Curtin defeats Sami Barakat RNC
Dylan Marlowe defeats Spencer Her Triangle SOTN

Purple Belt Results
Daniel Wuerthner defeats Joseph Mackinnon Toe Hold
Antonio Cumerlato defeats Billy English Armbar
David Fernandez defeats Fernando Cacal Armbar
Keith LaCasse defeats Nathan Duenas Straight Ankle lock
James Lampe defeats Christopher Sutherland Decision
Kunk A Lunk defeats Rob Parks Rear naked face crank
Joy Ann Pendell defeats Kim Bowser Knee barr
Bryce Sexton defeats Luis Alatorre Armbar SOTN
Brandon Alexander defeats Austin Flowers Split Decision
Jaime Villar defeats Kevin Schnepp Decision FOTN
Michael O’Leary defeats Larry White Triangle
Rikone Savath defeats Roque Reyes Knee Bar
Vijay Sama defeats Domingo Rosas Armbar


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