9 Year Old Muay Thai Fighter Is A Beast

This 9 Year Old Muay Thai Fighter Is A Beast
Noah Beckwith. Picture: @littleemperor1 instagram

Noah Beckwith is a nine year old Muay Thai fighter out of Australia.

Hailing from Bertram, Western Australia, he can’t fight at home until he is 12 years old. To get around this he travels to different states in Australia and to Thailand to fight. He trains out of Thai Boxing gym The Pit, which is owned and operated by former Australian Muay Thai champion Blair Smith. The Pit is also home to Toby Smith, one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world.

If you see Noah train you will probably feel ashamed because odds are you don’t train as hard as he does. He trains like a fighter and could probably run circles around most adults. Noah’s mother Bobby, stated in a story for Perth Now that when he has a fight coming up he has a six week training camp. When not preparing for a fight he trains three to four times per week.

He has a fight coming up in Thailand this month, it will be his second of the year. He fought in Thailand back in January, winning a decision.

Watching a few seconds of Noah training will amaze you. If he continues on this path there is no reason he shouldn’t be a champion.

(Click next to watch some video’s of Noah training)

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